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Affidavits - Essiac America - Essiac Products


Richard FenickMary McPhersonPierre Gaulin, M.D.
Bobby RubinoJ.R. Lacroix, M.D.Gilbert Blondin


Essiac Products Services Inc.
Easy-Ac Product Service Ltd.

Dr. Pierre Gaulin


I, the undersigned person, was diagnosed with lung cancer on or about Feb. 1993 with a very poor prognosis. Death was imminent in a short period of time (months). I received surgery, partial pneumoectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. I was on oxygen tanks 24 hours per day. The task of going to the bathroom and returning was, at times, very difficult. During the radiation treatments I was made aware of a product called Essiac (decoction). I was also introduced to Dr. Pierre Gaulin, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., who administered holistic medical treatments which included, amongst many, Essiac decoction and the indictable. For the radiation burns, a salve called Essiac Salve was used and relieved the burns.this form of treatment and Dr. Gaulin only promised one thing, “that he would do his best” in order to help me recover my health and well being. That is all he could promise me (his best). When I could not go to the office, Dr. Gaulin came to me for treatment outside his facility. (House calls, Office calls.)

Dr. Gaulin’s protocol is not to remove any of the allopathic therapies, but to work with them and, (as per my wishes, I wanted the best of all medical worlds) to stimulate my recovery potential, Dr. Gaulin works in harmony with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

His main concern is the well being of the patient, his first rule is Primo non-nocere (first do no harm), and to harmonize the 3 parts of the body, the physical, psychological, and spiritual.

There were never any promises of cure or to eliminate any disease(s). The object of the therapy was to increase and enhance my health, my stamina, my energy, and my immune system. This may help my self healing healing power (homeostasis process) take over and make me (my body) enhance my health.

Since the entire treatment protocol, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and holistic medicine Essiac decoction and injection, etc., I do not recall ever feeling as good as I do now. I have not felt this good in years. I do wish to state that all therapies worked well together in my case. Possibly, if all medical disciplines worked together, possibly more patients would receive the same benefits as I did.

Richard Fenick
340 Palmetto Blvd., Boca Raton, FL

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To: Essiac Products Services Inc. and Dr. Gaulin

I, the undersigned Robert Rubino, declare the following:

That I was diagnosed with a deadly, terminal disease, “Cancer of the liver and other associated conditions”.

That I was given a very short time to live, and that there was nothing regular medicine could really offer, or do for me, except to keep me comfortable with drugs, when the time came where pain could be alleviated. They called it palliative care. That no surgery was possible, and that any chemotherapy would only be experimental, and as for radiation, it could only be palliative if I really needed it to relieve pain.

I heard that some holistic medicine and practitioners possibly could at least help me with my condition, possibly increase my wellness, decrease my pains, discomforts, etc., and maybe increase life expectancy. I had nothing to lose.

I was referred to a Dr. Pierre A. Gaulin of Pompano/Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., who came very highly recommended by patients (Italians). That Dr. Pierre Gaulin has devoted all his professional life to desperate cases like mine (it was 2 months of life at tops, that was the sentence which I received from hospitals and doctors).

Before I first had my interview, Dr. Gaulin had requested from me that the medical institutions and practitioners send a COMPLETE past medical history dating as far back as I could. Having had complied with the requests, Dr. Gaulin, having had read all the files and with his notes, started the interview which lasted 2 hours. Then, in the discussion, I requested his honest opinion as to what he thought of my condition and what he could do. What may I expect? Dr. Gaulin, I may say, speaks with a straight tongue. He advised me that I had a serious condition, and the only thing he could promise me, “WAS TO DO HIS BEST” and he said he could do more than his best. (Same as Rene Caisse.) He also quoted his native American upbringing, “Expect nothing. If you get nothing, you will not be disappointed. If you obtain something, then call it a bonus”. How wise is this philosophy. I accepted his form of treatment. (I had really no other choice.)

I then started a new life. I had to change my whole complete past lifestyle. All my good/bad habits had to be changed if I wanted to live a healthy life – eating at regular hours, having lots of sleep, early bedtime (max 10pm), early rising 7 am, walking for 10 to 30 minutes by the beach with breathing exercise, restricted sexual activities, no alcohol, no smoking. Reduced stress is a key factor. Eat good healthy food with all mother nature’s nutrients, avoid preservatives, colorants, etc., a good breakfast, (Budwig cream) at least 3 times per week, other cereals, etc. No fatty or junk foods, lots of vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, nuts, fresh vegetable juices (1 glass/day). Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal products, Essiac Shark Cartilage and ESSIAC Decoction and INJECTABLES.

I am now surviving over 2 years. I am well. I still work everyday. I enjoy life. I possibly have better health than I ever had before. I FEEL TERRIFIC and all my friends and acquaintances thought I would be dead long ago. I have buried many persons that were well 2 years ago. I, with my life style changes and coaching from Dr. Gaulin, I recovered health and life. I now really can enjoy all aspects of life and this includes family and grandchildren. I would have missed so much if I had not sought other methods.

My recommendation is DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE DYING. Don’t wait until regular medicine gives you your sentence. Seek health alternatives to maintain the precious health that you take for granted. Seek Alternative Medicine along with regular medicine. If they work together, you are the only one to benefit from united health care. If your MD tells you “It’s no good”, or “I don’t believe in it”, or “Save your money”, it ought to tell you that the MD does not know the alternative medical care. SEEK IT. It’s your life (the only one you have).

My life was certainly in good hands with Dr. Gaulin and ESSIAC…

Could be considered a miracle cure.
It is certainly a recovery from a serious illness.
I thank God for all he placed in my pathway.

Robert Rubino

P.S. Robert Rubino is the famous restaurateur of Bobby Rubino Restaurant Chain.

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I, the undersigned, Mary McPherson, of Bracebridge, Ontario, declare the following:

  1. That I have known Rene Caisse since 1933-34.
  2. That I have helped Rene Caisse in the years where she was making and treating patients with ESSIAC, 1934-1978.
  3. That Rene Caisse gave me the Essiac formula, and that I was helping her in making the raw preparation and in the production of the decoction.
  4. That I am aware that Rene Caisse gave the formula to Gilbert Blondin of Hull, Quebec.
  5. That I am aware that Gilbert Blondin and Dr. P.A. Gaulin have incorporated a federal company under the name EASY-AC.
  6. That, to the best of my knowledge, the product called EASY-AC is the same as ESSIAC.
  7. That Easy-Ac Product Services, Ltd. produces products as Easy-Acca, Easy-Acki, Easy-Acoint, Easy-Acinj, Easy-Acla, Easy-Achem, Easy-Acton, and others, which, to the best of my knowledge, is the same formula that Rene Caisse produced.
  8. That I was consulted by Gilbert Blondin and Dr. Gaulin and Easy-Ac Product Services, Ltd. on quality control of the product.

Signed this 27 day of June 1987

Mary McPherson

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Re: ESSIAC and Easy-A

As a physician, I had numerous occasions to monitor cancer patients who were taking Essiac/Easy-Ac. I have first noticed that the products have never caused any harm to the patients. Furthermore, it was noticeable that these patients’ well-being was improved and this compares to similar cases who were not taking Essiac/Easy-Ac. A confrere in the same building was using Essiac for his patients with degenerative diseases. Many times we shared the same medical information and patients. The confrere would, on some instance, request my evaluation and/or confirmation of the cases at hand.

Two instances come vividly to mind. 1- a man of mid 40’s who was diagnosed with leukemia and secondary cancer in the oral cavity. When I first saw this patient, the first thing that was noticeable, even before entering the room, was the smell of putrefacted tissues, a death smell. I had no hope for this man. My confrere undertook his case and in two weeks time, this case had improved dramatically. He was on the Essiac/Easy-Ac protocol; results = marked improvement. For 3 months I have seen this patient improve. This patient had been given 2 weeks to live. This patient was also followed by an oral, who stated, “that in 35 years of practice he had never seen such a bad case”. The patient has recovered completely and is now presumed cancer free. No drugs or radiation was used. 2- a lady whose breast was eaten away by cancer. She called herself Mrs. Pizza because her breast reminded her of a pizza. My confrere used Essiac/Easy-Ac protocol and other modalities, such as diapulse, acupuncture, and other modalities. No drugs or radiation was used. This patient was again followed and one could see marked improvement from time to time. Her breast recovered nearly to normal, with the exception that the areola (nipple) was eaten away by disease. I have not seen this patient in a few years.

In my opinion, Essiac/Easy Ac is not a panacea and will not cure every cancer case, but I have noticed that it does enhance the wellness of the patient and he seems to enjoy whatever life is left. Another very noticeable effect of Essiac/Easy-Ac is that the cancer patient needs much less medication to control pain, this again by comparing patients with the same type of cancer. Essiac/Easy-Ac seems to greatly reduce the pain of cancer. The same phenomenon was also reported by Rene Caisse and other investigators. I have also monitored and followed other patients, some of which passed away and some survived the disease. I have also monitored a few cases of AIDS and the same wellness was noticeable for those who were taking Essiac/Easy-Ac. Since this product is not covered by insurance, many patients could not permit themselves to obtain this marvelous product. From What I have seen and observed, I concluded and decided that “I personally take Essiac/Easy-Ac as a preventative, since I verily believe in prevention of cancer rather than curing it.”

J.R. Lacroix M.D.

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ON THE MATTER OF ESSIAC PRODUCTSI, Pierre Gaulin, of Broward County, Florida, take oath and declare the following:

  1. That I personally talked to Rene Caisse in 1975, but could not obtain the products from her, possible because I was a doctor.
  2. That, in 1987, a patient was brought to my office by a confrere, Dr. J.R. Lacroix. This patient was taking Essiac for her neoplastic condition.
  3. That, after a lengthy discussion with the patient, the patient stated that she benefited greatly from Essiac. Stressing to her that possibly some of my patients could benefit from this product, I requested the source of her Essiac. She did not want to divulge the source because she honestly thought that if she did, the source would be shut down and she could not continue to obtain the product for herself. I requested the patient to ask the supply source to give me a telephone call. The name given of that person would be Jacques. She promised that she would relay this request.
  4. Shortly thereafter (2 days) I received a telephone call from one Gilbert, who was supplying and manufacturing the products since late 1977 or 1978. The patient, to protect the identity of the source, gave a false name.
  5. Gilbert and I met soon thereafter, and discussed in general phytotherapy and applications of Essiac. I was told how Gilbert Blondin received this recipe directly from the hands of Rene Caisse. Furthermore I was told that he had this original document written in Rene Caisse’s own handwriting.
  6. Subsequent meetings were held. Finally we decided to incorporate and make this product available to all who wanted and needed these Essiac formulas.
  7. A partnership was made and received the incorporation under Easy-Ac Product Service Ltd., 333 Besserer St., Ottawa, Ont., Canada, and that this company would manufacture the Essiac formulas.
  8. During the first year (see #9, why this short period), significant results were obtained from patients being treated with Essiac and other modalities. These cases were medically documented and could stand medical scrutiny.
  9. In July, 1988, the F.D.A. raided the premises of Easy-Ac Product Service Ltd. Two inspectors posing as tourists and one inspector’s own dying child (leukemia) wanted to purchase one bottle of Essiac (entrapment). I, being away in Alabama, Gilbert, for humanitarian reasons, sold a bottle to the inspectors.
    Subsequently, the company and Gilbert and myself were each charged with 16 counts of Manufacturing a drug, Selling a drug, Having in possession a drug for the intention of distribution, and Advertising a drug.
  10. A 17 day trial was held and the defense stand was that Essiac was not a drug as charged, but was a food supplement. This defense theory was held constantly as irrelevant and non pertinent. The stand of the defense was a food because the composition of the recipe was 100% natural plants and all are edible as such.
  11. After the trial the tribunal reserved judgement for one year before rendering its judgement. On the judgement day, the government motioned the court with an amendment to change all the charges and replace the word drug with the word food. This was allowed by the tribunal. Then the word food became relevant and pertinent to the case. The defense had prosecuted itself.
  12. The tribunal, having accepted the government motion, found the company and its principals guilty of: 1- possession of a food; 2- manufacturing a food; 3- selling a food; 4- advertising a food; and were condemned to each pay a one thousand dollar fine, that is, $3,000.00. Guilt was found even in absencia. In my case I was not even in the country at the time of the alleged infractions.
  13. The convicted persons are the only ones ever convicted of possession of a food, etc.
  14. My case was appealed up to the Canadian Supreme Court, which denied leave to appeal and, therefore, maintained the guilt of the Company and its principals, making them convicted persons in Canadian law. Guilty of possession of a food, etc.
  15. In 1988, Pierre Gaulin moved to Florida, with the plan to incorporate Essiac in the USA – Essiac Products Services Inc. (# K 78360 0) – and thereafter applied for and obtained trademark (# 1,625,600).
  16. Thereafter the company applied for other countries’ trademarks. Mexico, with the Mexico # 452389, and other countries’ trademarks are pending.
  17. I hereby state and take oath, that Essiac Products Services Inc. is the only company that has the only true, complete, original formulas of Rene Caisse, that is, the decoction, injectables, salve, RMC kidney pills, and enema.
  18. That Essiac Products Services Inc. has in its possession, the original formulas written in Rene Caisse’s own handwriting, as written and given to Gilbert Blondin.
  19. That Essiac Products Services Inc. has the original transcripts from the Ontario Commission of Cancer (1938), the original 55,000 name petition which was presented to the Ontario Government (1938), the original carbon copies of letters and clinical reports of Dr. Emma Carson, original voice tapes of her lectures, numerous newspaper articles (originals and copies), photographs of Rene Caisse’s patients and many other documents relevant to the Essiac products, which includes Rene Caisse’s clinical and medical reports.
  20. I hereby certify that Essiac Products Services Inc., P.O. Box 1387, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301, has the ONLY true, complete original formulas. Therefore one can only deduce that all the other manufacturers, sellers, or presenters of a direct or indirect association would be COUNTERFEITS; FRAUDULENT; DECEITFUL products, with the intent to take advantage of the reputation of the true, complete original formulations of Essiac Products Services Inc.
  21. That, as a doctor, I have obtained significant results when treating patients with serious degenerative diseases. These treatments were always made with complete medical history and obtaining a conformation of the patient’s condition and status. Furthermore, other modalities have been used as adjuncts to the Essiac protocols and this according to the patient’s conformation.
  22. That I have used and recommended Essiac products in cases of cancer, AIDS, and degenerative diseases; that I never found any negative side effects with the Essiac products. In certain cases health enhancement was obtained and in other cases regression of the conditions. I have also evaluated some of Rene Caisse’s cure patients (a cure is 25 years in remission).
  23. That I have reviewed scientific research by Sloan Kettering, Brusch Medical Center, and other research made with Essiac. The deduction of this study is if the right Rene Caisse protocol is followed, one had significant results. If the protocol was modified, the results suffered the errors made in the protocol. Furthermore, a LD50 was made by myself and found that I could not kill rabbits.
  24. That I have personally known Rene Caisse’s co-worker, Mary McPherson, and her husband, Clifford, and Rene’s executor, Mr. Stan Darling, and many other persons in her environment.
  25. That I have, in 1988, met with a confrere, Dr. Charles Brusch, in Cambridge, Mass., and that, on numerous occasions, we have discussed the Essiac products. That my confrere, Dr. Charles Brusch, also became my patient in consultation, and consulted with me on other patients which he was treating. That Dr. Brusch told me that he did not know the whole formula of the decoction, the salve, the enema, and the kidney pills, that he had only worked with the injectables and had modified the injectables with Rene Caisse. Dr. Brusch stated to me that he knew of the basic 4 herbs and that Rene Caisse always added other herbs in secrecy. He also stated that the taste and smell of the Essiac products supplied by myself were the same as Rene Caisse’s.
  26. That Dr. Charles Brusch always obtained the Essiac products from me and this from 1988 until his death in 1993. Furthermore, he obtained products from me for one Patrick McGrail and other patients which he was still following for years. These patients were on Essiac since his association with Rene Caisse.
  27. That Dr. Charles Brusch gave an affidavit to the Canadian courts stating his opinion that the Essiac products (Easy-Ac) made in Canada by Gilbert Blondin and myself were authentic and, to the best of his knowledge, were produced in the same fashion as Rene Caisse’s, and that it was not a drug, but a food.
  28. That, to his knowledge, the Canadian company, Respirin Corporation, never had the whole recipe, this because Rene wanted to see if they would abide with her conditions. To his knowledge, she gave them 4 herbs, which was a tonic, but not the complete anti-cancer formulas. When he was shown the original document of Rene Caisse to Gilbert Blondin, he first acknowledged that it was her handwriting, and, after reading the part on injectables, he affirmed that this was the formula he knew, and therefore satisfied me that it was the whole complete formulations to the 5 basic Essiac products.

Dr. Pierre A. Gaulin.

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I, Gilbert Blondin, of the City of Hull, Quebec, declare under oath the following
On the matter on how the true original Rene Caisse (Essiac) formulas were obtained;

  1. That I was introduced to Rene Caisse R.N. in spring 1977 when my wife was diagnosed as having a lymphosarcoma.
  2. Having had heard about Rene Caisse, I set out to find her and seek treatment for my wife.
  3. I was given her address and telephone number by the parish in Bracebridge.
  4. Appointments were made with Mrs. Rene Caisse after the first visit.
  5. A news article appeared in the Homemaker magazine and later in the French edition Madame au Foyer the translated version appeared.
  6. We went (my wife and I) to Rene Caisse’s home in Bracebridge, Ont. and sought treatment. My wife was accepted as a patient (client). Rene Caisse questioned my wife. She had also brought some medical records and gave these records to Mrs. Caisse. After the interview she gave my wife 8 oz. of the product she made. She called it Essiac, her name spelled backwards. She also instructed us how to take this product. We were to return the next week. It is over 500 miles to and from Bracebridge, but she insisted that we must return.
  7. Each week thereafter we drove to Bracebridge for a period of approximately 9 months. We drove mainly to get the product and to be evaluated by Mrs. Caisse. My wife was improving physically, medically, and psychologically week by week. During my weekends in Bracebridge, Ont. I painted her house inside and outside, repaired the plumbing, roof windows, etc. This was without remuneration. It was my way to say thank you. She never accepted money for her services and products.
  8. In 1978, approximately March, 1978, Mrs. Caisse discussed her association with Dr. Fingard and a company, Respirine Corp., who agreed to make Essiac. She was disappointed, frustrated and mad at the company for not doing what they were supposed to do. They did not keep their end of the bargain: animal research, clinical data, and did not pay her the money every week. She told me that she had cancelled her agreement and received her original formula from the trustee, Lt. Governor of Ontario, Pauline McGibbon. She also told me that the corporation did not have all the formula she gave them, only part of it (the Tonic). She held back on the whole formula because she wanted the company to show what they could do with it. Therefore the company never had the whole original formula. She then gave me an envelope and inside was a document which gave the whole formulas (Decoction Injections; Salve; and RMC Kidney Pills). She told me at that time, “Gil, you’re an honest man. Do what you can with it. Make it available to the people.”
  9. She instructed me on the herbs, how to recognize them, to verify by taste, smell, look of each plant used. She instructed me on how to prepare the herbs, how to make the decoction, how to bottle them and how to store them. One main emphasis is how to mix the herbs and when to incorporate them into the preparation.
  10. She gave me information, papers, documents, i.e.: Dr. Carson’s letters, transcripts, newspaper articles, and many other original and copied documents and the original formulations.
  11. Mrs. Caisse died Dec. 26, 1978, and since then I have been manufacturing the true original Rene Caisse formulas. I have done this the way she had shown me and it was made in the kitchen just like she did.
  12. In 1987 I have incorporated myself with Pierre Gaulin and thereafter we manufactured the products on a commercial basis.

Signed this 29 day of March 1987
Gilbert Blondin

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