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News - Essiac America - Essiac America

News – Essiac America

on Saturday, 01 January 1994.


These are the press articles issued about Essiac®

In Health We StandHomemaker’s Magazine Summer 1977The Case for Essiac®

January 1994

Essiac: Who Takes It

The time to take Essiac®?? For prevention or a preventative, it should be taken between the 3rd and the 21st days of the month that changes a season, that is March, June, September, and December. The recommended dosage is one once per day, 1/2 hour before breakfast sip, swish, and swallow until the bottle is finished. One may notice that the stools are larger and, in those who have chronic constipation, it may also act as a mild laxative. Some people may feel a slight lightheadedness and this lasts only a few seconds. It has been reported that persons taking Essiac® Decoction feel much better and are less prone to ailments and discomforts and are less subject to influenza (colds). It is reported that they can ward off invading organisms much better than those who do not take Essiac®. The feeling of being well is enhanced to a point that some people ask the question What is wrong with me? I am not ill! If by some chance a chronic sufferer of allergies gets an attack between season changes, the answer is to open another bottle of Essiac® Decoction and within a few days the attack subsides and wellness is recovered.

We are told that no person who has taken Essiac® Decoction regularly has ever contracted cancer!!! Examples given are of Rene Caisse, the discoverer of Essiac®, who died at age 90 and not of cancer. Also all of her close co-workers and friends never had cancer. Many who were diagnosed with the dreadful disease recovered and maintained their health with prevention and did not die of cancer. Another example is a lady who died at 101 years and 8 months. She was an Indian lady who took the same herbs and she did not die of cancer. What a powerful product!!!


For people who have degenerative diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc., prevention is of secondary importance. You ought to seek the help of a professional practitioner who knows Essiac® injectables, knows the pharmacokenetics of the Essiac® injectable, and also is aware of R.M.C. kidney pills and the Essiac® salve. The practitioner ought to know how and where and when to administer the injectables. This may vary from case to case because the person is treated and not the disease. The diseases are serious enough that a person should seek the proper help. Furthermore, it is imperative that the true original formula be used. We found that there are at least 15 false manufacturers of products which claim to have the right one.

Only one company has shown the proper formula. It is Essiac Products Services, Inc.

June/July/August 1977


by Sheila Snow Fraser and Carrol Allen

World Copyright 1977 Homemaker’s Magazine

This is the story of Rene Caisse, an 88 year old nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario, who has been convinced for 50 years that she has an herbal remedy that’s effective against cancer. In the ’20’s and ’30’s, she defied the medical establishment to treat hundreds of cancer patients (most of them terminal) with her secret remedy and produced remarkable results. Some of her patients are still alive today and ascertain that they owe their lives to her secret formula Essiac (Caisse spelled backwards).

Source: Rene Caisse: Developer of Essiac®


or The Little “Food” That Could

by Elaine Teune

For more than seventy years now, the acclaim and testamentary praise for Essiac – an herbal remedy based on a traditional Ojibway Indian decoction – have continued to pour in from doctors and patients alike. Touting its well-documented record of dramatic successes in the battle against cancer – not to mention its general effectiveness in such diverse disorders as AIDS, diabetes, arthritis and others – are an impressive array of researchers and medical institutions. Among the supporters Essiac has garnered over the years are Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Sir Frederick Banting, the discoverer of insulin.

These impressive credentials come despite an equally lengthy history of legal and political hurdles from the governments and medical establishments of both the United States and Canada. From its early days of widespread support by both medical practitioners and the general public (Canadian doctors in 1926 petitioned the government to allow it to continue to be tested on patients) to its ongoing battles for legalization (in 1938 it missed being legalized by the Ontario Parliament – by a mere three votes), Essiac continues today to present its case to the Food and Drug Administration – and to the court of public approval. Having recently been declared a food by the judiciary in Canada, Essiac is currently unapproved for marketing as a drug in both the U.S. and Canada.

The history of Essiac traces back to 1922, when the herbal formula was given to a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse by a hospital patient whose breast cancer had been healed forty years earlier by an Ojibway medicine man. After curing her aunt’s inoperable stomach cancer with it in 1924, the nurse named the remedy Essiac (her last name spelled backwards), and spent the next fifty years of her life treating countless patients and attempting to prove the efficacy of this herbal decoction. Since her death in the late 70’s, the battle for acceptance by the medical establishment has been carried on by the handful of people Rene Caisse entrusted with her original formula.

Essentially, Essiac is an herbal combination made by decocting (boiling down) more than half a dozen different herbs. The active ingredients are prepared according to the original Ojibway legend, ancient wisdom and modern proprietary technology coming together to form the powerful herbal remedy. Chief among the herbs present is burdock, which has been extensively studied by Hungarian and Japanese scientists, amidst reports of considerable antitumor activity and the reduction of cell mutation in the absence or in the presence of metabolic activation.

Another of the herbs in Essiac, turkey rhubarb (or Indian rhubarb), has been demonstrated to have antitumor activity in the sarcoma-37 animal test system. The gathering of these herbs and the decoction process are very complicated and precise. One of the herbs has to be picked when there is no dew on the plant; another must be no more than one year old, while still another is one of over 180 species of the same plant.

Currently marketed as a “food”…, Essiac is careful to avoid making any claims to be a cure for disease. Despite its past history of saving or prolonging the lives of many for whom nothing else could be done, this herbal formula maintains a reputation for promoting wellness and general good health. Traditionally it was used as a tonic for increasing stamina and well-being. It has also been shown beneficial in strengthening the immune system.

Its supporters have taken to using Essiac on a seasonal basis, consuming several bottles as a tonic at the change of every season, and attributing to it their continuing levels of good health throughout the year. This Ojibway Indian gift appears to have a positive effect on normalizing imbalance anywhere in the body, and its use has been recorded in the treatment of PMS, sexual dysfunction, thyroid conditions, ulcers, and even learning disabilities.

Sources: Allen, Carrol and Fraser, Sheila Snow, “Could Essiac Halt Cancer”, Homemaker’s Magazine, June/July/August 1977

Walters, Richard, “Herbs and Plants Against Cancer”, Health Magazine, March 1994