Notable Quotes

“Essiac, the Canadian Indian Herbal Remedy, is one of the most remarkable stories in all of medicine.”

Richard Waters, OPTIONS – The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book, Avery Publishing Group, 1993
“I endorse this therapy even today, for I have, in fact, cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowels, through ESSIAC alone.”

Charles Brusch, MD, Founder of Brusch Medical Center, Cambridge, MA; Former physician to President John F. Kennedy; Notarized statement, 1990
“…But I do know that I have witnessed in this clinic (Bracebridge) a treatment which brings about restoration, through destroying the tumor tissue, and supplying that something which improves the mental outlook of life and facilitates reestablishment of physiological functions.” “Essiac cures cancer period.”

Dr. Benjamin Guyalt, 1930, University of Toronto, Curator & Anatomy Professor; Article “Cancer Commission was Nothing But a Farce”, Bracebridge Examiner, 9 Jan. 1991.

“ESSIAC is not a hoax or a fraud. To hear experiences described by the patients themselves cannot help but convince observers that the dramatic and beneficial changes definitely took place in many, but not all, of those who received the remedy. Although the focus of ESSIAC has been as a cancer treatment, it alleviated and sometimes cured many chronic and degenerative conditions because it cleanses the blood as well as the liver and strengthens the immune system.”

Article, “Old Ontario Remedies”, Canadian Journal of Herbalism